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Private Medical Insured Patients

Good News

Most of the medical Insurance companies cover the cost of 3 - 5 treatments

If you need confirmation of the diagnosis make an appointment to see Mr Meda in his Plantar Fasciitis Clinic

If you have a confirmed diagnosis by a medically qualified person and if you are suitable for Sound Wave Treatment contact us

What to do next:

  1. Get a letter from your GP addressing to Mr KP Meda

  2. Contact us on 0121 684 0195 / 0844 357 4474 for an appointment

  3. We will give you the treatment code

  4. You need to ring your Insurer with the treatment code for an Authorisation number

  5. Once the treatment is authorised we can discuss a treatment date for you

  6. You need to fill the forms which are available through Fill in Forms link on the bottom of this page before you come for your first treatment

  7. If there is any questions please you can call us or fill the form and we will be more than happy to help you
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Private Medical Insured Patients
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