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Mr Meda - I would just like to say "Thank You" very much for your care and professionalism of the bunion removal on my foot. It was quite a painless experience and the end result is great. You did a great job, so once again a big thank you.

- PT

Mr. Meda performed a triple fusion to my left ankle in January 2009. Throughout the entire process I have been very happy with the attention to detail by him and his medical colleagues and by other staff at the ROH.
I have been will cared for and kept well informed at every stage. Thank you.

P.S At this early stage I consider that the operation has been successful; I am able to walk virtually free from pain.

- AP

Mr. Meda operated on my right ankle in March 2008. His care and attention to me have been excellent in every visit to the hospital. Mr. Meda has been professional and has explained in detail all treatment he has given to me at all times. I am very grateful to him for what he has done for me to save my ankle and allow me to walk again. I can't thank him enough.


With many thanks for your help and understanding, and for finding me an easy task for surgery!

- AA

Just wanted to say "A big thank you", for all that you have done for me. I'm so grateful.

- PM

I write to express my appreciation of the treatment I received when I had an operation for my right foot. I was attended for the surgery by Mr K Meda and his team. Everything possible was done to alleviate my anxieties and I was made to feel very reassured by their kindness and help. The operation was successful.

- LR

The Royal Orthopaedic Hospital is a place of excellence and everyone I encountered was helpful and kind, including the Ward Nurses.

- PT

Mr Meda - I remain very grateful for your skill and expertise in the surgery I received; the help, support and encouragement from you.

- KL

I would like to thank so much for the success of both operations you performed. You are a genius and the most brilliant surgeon I have ever met! I am privileged to have been in your care.

- ME

Thanks to your delicate surgery and your care and concern. The operated left foot is now almost without swelling. I have complete flexibility and strength - and no pain whatsoever during the day or night.

- SC

Thank you and your staff for the wonderful treatment I have received. It is marvellous to be able to walk free of pain!

- GI

Thank you very much indeed for your kindness in allowing me to be seen at short notice. I am glad by your assurance of 'nothing wrong' with my annoying foot.

- NC

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