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TOPAZ Technique

Surgery for refractory Plantar fasciitis

95% of all the plantar fasciitis will be cure with the use of Insoles, Exercise programmes and 3-5 treatments of  NEW Shock wave Therapy.

If these help Surgery is the last resort and we are happy to offer New TOPAZ technique.

TOPAZ Technique

This is a New technique. This uses Coblation technology to provide a controlled minimally invasive approach for treating plantar fasciitis and Achilles tendinitis.

This technique uses a TOPAZ MicroDebrider which sends minimally invasive RF treatments to the fascia or the tendon.


  • This is a Day case procedure
  • This is done either under Local anaesthesia or Short general Anaesthesia
  • A couple of small incision are made near the treatment area
  • Multiple micro Coblations are done used highly sophisticated TOPAZ MicroDebrider
  • Wounds are closed and sterile dressings are applied
  • You will go home in 2-3 hours time with pain killers to take home

Post Operative Care

  • First 3 weeks - We will give you a aircast walker and crutches to fully weight bear
  • 4-8 weeks – We advice Passive and active range of movement exercises
  • 9-12 weeks – Back to normal activities except sports and heavy lifting
  • After 3 months – Back to sporting activities
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